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Friday, April 29, 2011


Busy day today at my house.

My husband started a new job that he loves much
better than the last one with better pay.
So that makes us all happy.

I took my son to the Dr this morning.
After which he talked my mother into taking him to big lots
to look for a Pokemon toy.
So while he looked for a toy I told him they did not have,
Mom and I looked for her a new mattress.

Neither one found what they went in there for.
Zach did manage to leave the store with a stuffed bear that sings,
God Bless America..
Over and over.
And over.

So on to the next place,
We stopped at a second hand place where
everything was half off today only.
“Wish we knew that while we were looking, Mom said.
Maybe something would have looked different.”

But she did get the purse she wanted which was
a good price after the half off.
And her and I both walked out with new shoes.

Staying with the theme of the Doctor,
I was watching Dr. Oz a few minuets ago.
Who knew Vitamin D was so important?
I knew you needed it for strong bones, but new studies show
That it will keep you from getting 20 different diseases.
Including Diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson's, dementia and many more.

Vitamin D will also boost metabolism and your thyroid.
So while its helping to fight disease it will also aid in loosing weight.
Dr. Oz suggested taking 1000mg a day of Vitamin D3 supplement.
I know I will be going to the heatlh food store soon!

I love to watch Dr. Oz.
He is very helpful with all kinds of good juicy bits of info.
I can post more on his tips if you all would like?

Yesterday I wrote about an Ebook give-a-way from one of my favorite authors.
I encourage you all to take advantage of this.
If you forgot the rules you can go back and read them.

Someone asked for more info on the book.
I had posted a link where you could get a preview
But I will give a bit of plot line, since you asked.
Sylvia a college student is looking to get over an old love,
Falls for a bad boy who at first seems perfect for doing just that.
Her friends live in the same apartment building and they are all very close.
Everything is going fine until a new neighbor arrives
Across The Hall.
And soon her life is taking new turns.
There is a bit of everything  in this book.
Sweetness, intrigue, fun, danger, and the opportunity for things to get steamy.

Trust me you will want to win this one!

And if you are wondering, you can download an Ebook to your computer.
No need for a Kindle or other Ebook reader.

So comment away and follow me to win a free autographed copy!

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